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bastida A viewing window from where you will be up to date about everything of importance  between China and Catalonia, or China and the West. Because at Baidewei we understand  that developing a business is much more than being able to export or import. We enjoy  being up to date and that you are too… Here you will find articles related to politics,  economy, society and any other topic that we might think is interesting or relevant. We  apologize though, since even though the blog will be multilingual, just like our website,  this does not mean the articles will be translated into different languages. Each article  will be in the language of the audience we believe it can be more interesting for.

And we start the year and the blog with enthusiasm and positivity. It seems our economy will still need time to recover, and that’s why we now look to China, from where the government announced that the GDP grew 7,7% during 2013, beating even the Beijing’s expectations. The growth is partly a consequence of the national market consumption increase, which went up to 13,6%. Even though 7,7% is far from the almost 10% of years before, the local and global conjuncture supports the interpretation of it as a sign of economic stability in the country. Other indicators of this stability are the creation of 10 million jobs and the fact that during 2013 inflation didn’t surpass 2,6%.

Moreover, from the United Nations Office in Vienna, UNIDO’s (United Nations Organization for Industrial Development) Li Yong, points out China as a referent of Industrial stability, highlighting the measures the government applied, which combine domestic economic policies, the collaboration with international agencies and the direct foreign investment.

To sum up, China still is, and more every day thanks to the growing domestic purchasing power, a very interesting market those companies willing to have their place in it. We encourage you to try!


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