China Social Media Services

China Social Media Services

In order to expand and attract Chinese clients, you must be present in THEIR social networks.

In China, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are censored. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt to THEIR networks.

If your target is the Chinese consumer, you will need a website that is not only in Chinese, but also ADAPTED to the Chinese public, as well as a profile in the most important Chinese social networks, such as WECHAT, SINA WEIBO and YOUKU.

We offer you the following possibilities in Digital Marketing so your brand or product reaches, in the most effective and direct manner, your Chinese target:


Creation of company/brand/product profiles in the main Chinese social networks (Wechat, Sina Weibo and Youku).

Regular profile management in the Chinese social networks.

Creation of your online store in the most popular Chinese online stores, such as T-mall or Taobao.

Design of a website in Chinese and directed to the Chinese audience.


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