Business Management Services

Business Management Services

In today’s economy, business growth means exporting, and China is currently one of the most attractive markets, but also one of the most complicated without proper guidance. At Baidewei we instruct and guide you through all the logistic and administrative formalities, specific to each market.

Export/Import Management and Follow-up:

  • Logistics: Documentation, Customs procedures
  • Origin of Goods Inspection
  • Supplier Localization
  • Supplier Auditing
  • Quality Control
  • Market Research Studies
  • Product Viability in the Chinese Market
  • Product Viability in the Catalan Market
  • Partner Localization

Expansion into the Chinese Market:

What’s the potential of the Chinese market? What’s the potential of your product in that market? How and from where to access it? We offer you our experience and that of our collaborators to ensure your successful entry into the Chinese market.

  • Market Analysis and Product Adaptation to the Chinese market
  • Localization and Distributor Management
  • Community management services: We help you expand and promote your company and/or product in the Chinese market by means of local social networks, public relations, better positioning in the local search engines, etc.