The right way to learn Chinese

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fotos 025Language courses are like politicians. They all promise you the heavens: an excellent and efficient learning methodology at the minimum cost. In reality, most of them sell smoke and half-truths. The learning experience is neither so fast nor so efficient, and the cost ends up being much different than it was at first promised.

The truth is that learning a language requires an effort, time and will. But this process can be faster, more efficient and enriching when learning the language in the country it is spoken.

In recent years the popularity of Chinese language has caused the flourishing of many language courses for foreigners also in China, and among all of them we would highlight those offered by Universities like the “Beijing Normal University” in Beijing,” Fudan University” in Shanghai, or “Nanjing University” in Nanjing due to their dilated trajectory and specialization in Chinese language courses for foreigners.

But learning a language is much more than attending a course. It means understanding its culture, knowing its history, the territory and its people. That’s the reason why we suggest and propose to you Summer or Semester courses at Chinese Universities which include all you need to make it an unforgettable and successful experience: accommodation, attendance certificate, cultural activities and guided tours. The best, fastest and most exciting way to learn a language without worrying about anything.

If you are interested and would like to know more details about it, you can contact us or any of our collaborators.



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