Immigrant investors

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Residence permit - houseThe high level of pollution, the poor air quality, the fast rise in housing and property prices… are some of the main reasons that are pushing many chinese to emigrate to another country to live. The reality of this immigration, therefore, is different from that of the last two decades. If they chose to leave the country, it’s not due to an economic necessity, but mainly due to an investment interest and the will to find a better quality of life.

Investing in properties, land, businesses… All investments are possible, if one has the capital and predisposition  to find their place in the other country. On top of that, luck is on these new investor’s side, since in some European countries, such as France, Portugal and Spain new immigration laws have been enforced, some of which allow the foreign investor to acquire the Residence Permit if the capital invested exceeds a certain amount (500,000€ in Spain).

This new legislation favor the economy and the creation of jobs, strengthen commercial relations and can reactivate the Real Estate sector, very damaged by the financial crisis.

However, not all that glitters is gold. This new entry of Chinese citizens –or foreigners in general- that come to our country to invest, need to be well managed so the relation is fruitful for both parties.

Articles like the one in ChinaDaily, show that this phenomenon, like in any development, is not yet consolidated. Nor for the investors, nor for those who can benefit directly or indirectly from this investment: Transfer of businesses with hidden clauses; properties that have almost nothing to do with what was offered; no traceability of the invested capital; bad communication due to a different language; and a long etc which could mean months of work and no results, or even worse, lawsuits. It is therefore very important to make sure of the following points:

  1. Provide complete information about the possibilities to those interested foreign citizens.
  2. Acompany that information with a reliable translation into their language in order to facilitate communication and show professionalism.
  3. Promote foreign investments, as long as they mean an improvement for the receiving country.
  4. Ensure the traceability of the invested capital.
  5. Ensure that the investor meets the basic requirements to process the residence permit according to the new law.
  6. Confirm to the investor who will benefit from the residence permit in case the investor has a family.

If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact us or our collaborators.


Baidewei Team.

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