The influx of Chinese citizens in Catalonia has created a need for certain linguistic and administrative skills, both for Catalans and Chinese, which are not necessarily addressed by existing associations and governmental organizations.

At the same time, the rapid growth of the Chinese economy in recent years, with GDP growth of nearly 8% in 2012, has allowed China to cast off its label as,”factory of the world”. They have transformed into one of the strongest performing emerging markets in the world. This rapid growth, makes the Chinese market an attractive target for Catalan businesspeople to export their products to. These business opportunities, combined with a growing general curiosity about this enormous Asian country, is driving companies and Catalans to learn more about China and its people.

It is in this context that Baidewei was founded. As a bridge between Catalonia and the rest of the world, with special focus in China, Baidewei was established to help overcome the linguistic, cultural and bureaucratic differences that companies and individuals might face when trying to cross these barriers themselves.

To sum up, Baidewei is…

  • A company created to serve as a link between Catalonia and China by providing consultancy, management, and services for both personal and business matters.

  • A connection tool that provides the most suitable resources and professionals to facilitate a wide range of service concentrated in one platform. An accurate and reliable platform, constantly updated.

  • A team of Catalan and Chinese professionals, highly capable and prepared to offer personalized solutions for corporate, social, and private needs.

At Baidewei we draw China and Catalonia closer together by breaking down all linguistic, logistic, and cultural barriers and facilitating clear and open communication.