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Don’t want to go through countless newspapers to be updated on what is going on in the Asian Super Power? Follow our new section China latest. We have selected, in our opinion, some of the latest and more interesting or transcending China news. We hope you enjoy it.



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Tougher standards set for toy production
China Daily 2014-05-30


For quite a long time Chinese-manufactured toys have been under the microscope due to the use of certain materials or production defects. In order to prevent future incidents and bring back confidence to the consumer, China has unveiled four new national toy-safety standards on Thursday covering all products designed for children younger than 14 years old.




Manufacturing hits this year’s highest level
China Daily 2014-06-02

For the third consecutive month China’s PMI is growing, which shows signs of a stabilizing economy, after three months of decline that finally ended in March, and 18 months of weak growth.




Chinese patent filings abroad on big rise
Xinhua 2014-05-24

Since 2000 the growth of Chinese patent filling abroad has increase significantly. This could be interpreted, for example, as an increase in the quality of the innovations and inventions in China, according to WIPO spokesperson Edward Harris.




Scientists finalize test platform for ultra-speed maglev train
China Daily 2014-05-15


Chinese scientists have built the world’s first prototype testing platform for an ultra-high-speed vacuum maglev train, which theoretically could hit speeds up to 2,900 km per hour, or almost three times the speed of a passenger jet, researchers confirmed.





China’s building materials falter as housing market cools
Xinhua 2014-06-03

China’s building materials sector recorded slower growth in the first four months of this year as a cooling housing market has dashed hopes for lasting rapid expansion, according to the latest statistics from the country’s top economic planner.


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