China: from Factory to Architect of the World

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This article is an adapted version of the The Telegraph article:  Six Giant Chinese projects shaping the world  (Date of Publication: 2014/07/08)

Not a long time ago, we labeled China as the factory of the world, with very cheap labor and production costs. After several years of unprecedented levels of development, nowadays, we should start calling China as the architect of the world.

Aiming at improving and strengthening its relations with its international partners and its expansion channels, China is preparing several giant projects that will change the world.

Here are six of the most impressive ones:


1. £18.7 billion – China-Pakistan economic corridor

corredor econòmic xina-pakistan


An enormous project to connect Gwadar port in southern Pakistan to the west of China involves roads, railways and oil and gas pipelines and will eventually give China a highly-coveted port in the Indian Ocean. When the corridor is finished, it will serve as the main gateway for trade between China and the Middle East and Africa. Control of Gwadar port was transferred to China’s state-owned Overseas Ports Holding company in February 2013. Earlier this year, a plan to build an airport at Gwadar was also agreed, as well as the laying of fibre-optic cables between the Chinese border and Rawalpindi.




2. £7.6 billion – Nigeria’s high-speed railway

Abuja_Metro_Complex29 Nigeria


In May, China Railway Construction Corporation inked a £7.6 billion contract to roll out an 860-mile high speed railway across Nigeria for trains travelling at 75mph. So far there have been no details on the route of the line.


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3. £6.5 billion – Algeria’s East-West Highway project

tunisia 1

First launched in March 2007, an ambitious project to build a six-lane toll road across Algeria has been hit by confusion, allegations of bribery and delays for workers’ salaries.

China Rail Construction Corporation and CITIC won contracts for parts of the highway, while a Japanese consortium also won a construction contract.

When finished the highway will run 756 miles from the Moroccan border to the Tunisian border, connecting Algeria’s coastal cities.


4. £1 billion – Baltic Pearl Project

baltic pearlOn the coast of the Gulf of Finland, south-west of St Petersburg, China is building a new town for 35,000 residents.

With £1 billion of investment from the Shanghai Industrial Investment Company, the project was scheduled to take six to eight years but has slowed since the financial crisis.

When finished, the town will have 14,000 apartments, five schools and nine kindergartens, as well as shopping centres, restaurants and cinemas. However, there has been criticism of poor conditions for the construction workers and traffic and access problems getting to the town.

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5. £880 million – West Texas wind farm

Wind energy : Wind turbines generating electricity at Horse Hollow Wind Farm Nolan, West Texas


In 2011, Shenyang Power Group (SPG) signed a deal to develop a 36,000 acre wind farm in West Texas, one of the largest in the United States. Chinese-made turbines will power the plant, funded by a £880 million loan from China’s Export-Import Bank.




6. £750 million – Nigeria’s Zungeru hydroelectric power plant



Last July, on a visit to Beijing, Goodluck Jonathan, the Nigerian president, agreed a deal to build a 700MW dam on the Niger river, roughly 90 miles from Abuja. Construction will take five years and three-quarters of the cost will be loaned by China to Nigeria for 20 years at 2.5 per cent interest.




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