About us

About us

Baidewei is Catalan-managed, coordinated by a network of professionals from several sectors, and is supported by a team of Chinese professionals who handle procedures and issues in China:


Núria BarberàNúria Barberà:

Degree in Translation and Interpretation from Autonomous University of Barcelona. Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, and Mandarin. Masters Degree in International Relations from Nanjing University.

Ms. Barberà has worked in a range of sectors in both Europe and China. During a 5 year period spent in China, she acquired experience in Translation and Interpretation for several Chinese agencies and companies. She also did an internship for a Catalan company located in China and worked as a Spanish Language and Translation (Chinese-Spanish) Teacher at the Nanjing University (Jinling College) for 3 years.

In Catalonia, she has worked as an interpreter on several occasions and has taught Catalan to Chinese adult students, as well as Chinese to Catalan adult students. Most recently she has provided her services as the representative of the Import and Export Department of a medium sized Catalan company carrying out business in China.

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Jordi Tordera

Jordi Tordera:

Degree in Translation and Interpretation from UVIC. Languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, Mandarin, German, French and Italian.

Mr. Tordera has work experience in 5 different countries in the fields of translation and interpretation, and import and export. He has worked for International Organizations such as the United Nations and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China. Currently he manages the European Office of a Chinese Energy Group from Munich and assists BaiDeWei as a consultant. On the other side, he continues his studies online through EDX.org where he has begun learning Arabic, his 8th language.

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Our name, “Baidewei”, was created based on our Chinese names which, surprisingly, has a phonetic resemblance with the expression “By the way”. Núria Barberà’s Chinese name is pronounced Bai Ning Di (白宁迪) and Jordi Tordera’s is pronounced Wei Jie (伟杰). In order to create the word “Baidewei” we picked the first character (Bai白) of Núria, and the first of Jordi (Wei伟), and we included the conjunction “De”. Nevertheless, due to tones and meaning if we used the original characters of our names we couldn’t convey what we wanted. Bai 白 means “white” and Wei (伟) means “great”, two meanings with little corporative essence.


Thanks to the tonal and morphological richness of the Chinese language, we interchanged the original characters from our names for two others that represent more precisely our company and, at the same time, keep the phonetics of BaiDeWei:

Bai (佰): hundreds; a very common character within companies related to finance and economics.
De (德): ethics and moral; our company thrives in seriousness and ethics in all we do.
Wei (威): trust and strength; we wish to inspire trust, reliability and security to all our clients.